Athana is a project from Stavanger/Norway with guitarist/composer Alf Terje Hana as the leader. Making all kinds of rhythmic/groovy and ambient noises, based on his compositions and curiosity to blend guitar sounds with electronics, and by fueling inspiration from great painters and nature. The U-turn he did after seeing Roni Size on tv, in 1998, is very much the point where more contemporary things started to happen..and leaving the traditional rock sound behind, but still not totally forgotten.

Arne Hovda has played a major part as a producer/technician and keyboard/edit role, in more than half of the albums released. A great team player, with years of professional experience.
There is also many other musicians that have contributed with their skills, to make the sounds complete. Have a look at the “Musicians page”.

Alf Terje Hana`s main instruments are guitar and electronics, and he has recorded and played with dozens of Norwegian artists over the years like:
Wasaband/Timebeat/Vestlandsfanden//Sardines/Leif&Kompisane/Erik Røe/Christian Hovda/Heine Totland/ Moi /Sebastian Waldejer /HOH/Jorunn Hodne/Astrid Kloster/Sonarophon/Alan Skurtveit

For the time being Athana´s live setup is a quartet, featuring:

Alf Terje Hana – guitar/electronics
Torgeir Nes – electronics
Øyvind Grong – bass/tuba
James Bond - percussion

Also collaborating with Stewart Copeland, Gary Husband for recording and gigs.

More recently, Athana has been doing guitar effect clinics, with great response from hungry guitar players. There is also soundclips on various major guitar based websites, such as Analogman, and so on.

Athana´s music is being used in tv ads in Japan/Australia/UK and also as a themesong here in a Norwegian show called “Sidesprang”. More recently in 3D animation films for Oil industry, and other DVD productions.

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